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All Appliance Modules work with Fluorescent Lighting, Low Voltage Lighting, Fans, etc. They also work with incandescent lamps and any other appliances or devices up to 480 WATTS or 15-AMPS, Great for Christmas Lights, Fish Tanks Lights, Malibu Lights, Pumps for Fountains, and lots more. Appliance Modules DO NOT support any dimming capabilities or respond to All Lights On, All Lights Off, Bright, Dim, or Pre-Dim Commands; They do however, respond to On, Off, and All Units Off Commands. For Modules that support Dimming features see our Lamp Modules.


12719 Z-Wave Plug-In Smart Switch
Regular Price: $54.99
On Sale For: $47.99
12720 Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Outdoor Module
Regular Price: $64.99
On Sale For: $47.99