Home Automation

Home Automation Systems

Home automation systems can help to control everything from your home security system to your home entertainment.  Many new homes offer what is called RF technology built right into the new wiring and switches allowing you to take full advantage of high end home automation systems. 

With a centralized control system you are able to setup timed events that will execute when designated.  This can include turning on lights within your home, setting up your alarm to enable before you go to sleep, dimming lights and coordinating music with your home entertainment center to create a relaxing theme throughout your home. 

Using the X10Insteon or Z-Wave protocols and technology, home automation systems allow ordinary products to communicate with one another using the existing wiring found throughout your home.

Home automation security systems that utilize the X10 technology, utilize controllers that allow remote sensors to communicate with one another.  This allows monitoring of access points throughout your home, such as windows, sliding glass doors as well as the front and back doors of your home.  With the touch of a button you can simply arm and disarm your system at any time of the day or schedule these events to occur at timed intervals.  Often times home automation controllers are set up on security systems to:

  • Arm the system when you leave for work
  • Disarm the system when kids come home from school
  • Disarm the system when you come home from work
  • Arm the system before you go to sleep at night

All of these tasks can be automated with ease once you initially set up the home automation controller with your designated timed intervals.

Home automation systems also allow for complete control over your home entertainment system.  Now you can create a theme with dimmed lights and relaxing music at a specific time that you have preset.  Having friends over Friday at 8?  Simply program your home automation system to turn on the football game at 7:58 and turn down the lights!  Home automation can be as simple or as sophisticated as you allow. 

Home Automation Controllers

Home automation controllers offer various home automation solutions. Depending on your needs, these controllers can automate your home theater system, air conditioning, irrigation equipment, outdoor lighting, security system and even your spa and pool.  Many automated tasks can be setup and controlled through your PC.  Home automation software helps to coordinate when tasks are carried out and assists in networking the devices to work in sync with one another at the times you have designated.