Zipato is an interactive security and automation system based on cloud technology. You can control, customize, and automate all the powered devices in your home, watch live video from your security cameras, and get instant alerts in case of any security issue.

ipato is the next generation security solution for your home and family, providing you with extensive monitoring and alerting services in case of fire, burglary, flood or gas leakage, as well as custom child and senior care solutions. Zipato will also let you save energy by monitoring your energy consumption, allowing you to remotely control and automate lights, temperature and all other powered devices in your home. Custom reports and alerts will help you understand where your energy goes and stop wasting it when you don't need it. Such a high level of security and energy efficiency together with ability to fully control and automate your complete home over Internet or mobile phone will make your home much more comfortable and let you have peace of mind when you are away.