George Risk Industries


George Risk Industries

At G.R.I., only the finest raw materials are used in producing a contact switch you can install with confidence. Our purchasing department requires vendors to meet or exceed our specifications on reeds, plastic, wire and potting material.

G.R.I.'s quality assurance department inspects every switch before it leaves each phase of production to make certain the quality is there. Our "0" defect program is the standard our employees follow. They know quality cannot be inspected "IN" - we build with quality parts, quality people, and quality standards.

G.R.I. is a vertically integrated manufacturing company with in-house facilities for Tool & Die, Injection Molding, Engineering and Production. Our name and logo are found on products other than security switches. G.R.I. produces the Air Traffic Control Board used by the FAA in their control towers across the nation. One of our pushbutton switches is a special design, specifically for the FAA's use.

Mr. George Risk, knew a company could not draw a line down the middle of the production floor and build products to Mil-Spec on one side and not on the other! G.R.I.'s Q.A. Department inspects all incoming materials, sub-assemblies and finished goods to the same exact standards demanded by our high tech applications.

If you believe "A Switch is a Switch", Don't! At G.R.I., our switches are not only built for security applications but have gone around the world and into outer space, helped track your last airplane trip, and assisted in shooting down "SCUD" missiles in Kuwait!!