Mier Products

For over 20 years Mier Products, Inc. has been known in the security, electrical, and construction industries as a provider of high-quality metal products and driveway alarm systems. Mier offers a varied line of Standard Low-Voltage Enclosures and Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection Systems, and serves as a leading designer and fabricator of Custom Enclosures and Parts for OEMs.

Drive-Alerts have been the security industry’s most popular vehicle detection systems for over 30 years, including driveway alarm systems and drive thru sensors, and they are manufactured by the pioneer in vehicle detection technology . . . Mier Products, Inc.

Mier Product’s Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection Systems detect vehicle movement in driveways, farm lanes, near workshops or equipment, at remote locations, and at drive-up windows. Use it anywhere knowledge of vehicle movement, or tampering with equipment, is desired.

All buried sensor and wireless Drive-Alert models sense metal objects that pass by the sensor. A signal is transmitted to the control panel to trigger an alert whenever a car, truck, or other metal object moves within ten feet of the sensor(s). Multiple sensors may be used. The type of alert varies by the model you choose.