Integrate Multi-Media Content with Every Room in Your Home

Control all of your A/V equipment and the rest of your home's sub-systems from a single remote or wireless Touchscreen. Press one button to lower the screen, dim the lights, close the shades, activate the security system, and initiate A/V components.

HAI offers the The unique Hi-Fi 2 which shares the music sources that you already own (iPod, Kitchen TV, home theater system) and allows these sources to stay in their current locations while projecting in other rooms. Up to 16 rooms or outdoor spaces can share music no matter if the source is in an audio rack or portable like an iPod.

With an OmniTouch Touchscreen, such as the portable OmniTouch 10pe, and the HAI Home Theater Extender (HTX) you can control all of your Audio Video equipment. When your OmniTouch Touchscreen is used with an HAI controller you may also change your room's lighting, draw back window shades, and set the room to a perfect temperature.

Another option for controlling your home theater equipment and your home control systems is HAI's Pronto Link for Philips Pronto remotes.

HAI offers the Music Gateway, a music server/renderer with three independent stereo channels. The Music Gateway provides HAI IP OmniTouch Touchscreens the ability to display album art and metadata. Selections can be made by artist, title, genre, or playlist. Use existing playlists, or create new ones on the fly. Simply push the "+" button to add a song to your new playlist.

If you choose to organize your music with a media center, HAI offers Home Control for Windows Media Center to add the ability to control your home's lighting, temperatures, and more from your media center's remote.