Convenient Interfaces


Convenient Interfces

How do you wish to interact with your home control system?

HAI offers many options to access and control your Omni or Lumina family system. Choose from one of the Touchscreens, consoles, keypads, or software interfaces.

HAI has several software programs that allow monitoring and control of your home via the Internet. Some software is intended to be used on a home computer, while others can be carried with you and used on any computer in the world.

HAI has several software and hardware packages that allow complete home control from the comfort of your couch. HAI's software packages do not require a subscription.

HAI’s software turns your BlackBerry™, iPhone™, Smartphone or PDA into a remote control for your house!

View surveillance video or adjust the temperature on your smartphone before returning home from work.

The easy-to-use OmniTouch Touchscreens allow control of security, temperatures, lighting, audio, entertainment, surveillance video, ventilation, irrigation, and much more. There are many sizes, colors, and wired or wireless versions available.

Most of HAI's Touchscreens have a customizable interface, which allows the development of a more vivid, user-friendly graphic interface based upon the homeowner's lifestyle and interests.

All Omni family systems have built-in telephone access and Lumina family systems have an optional Telephone Access Kit. This allows access from phone lines inside or outside of the home.

HAI offers Consoles / Keypads and recommends that at least one console or keypad be installed with every home control system. Each Omni family home control system installation should include at least one Omni Console (HAI Part Number 33A00-1), Omni Console with Built-in Speaker/Microphone (HAI Part Number 33A00-4), or International Omni Console (HAI Part Number 33A00-23).

Each Lumina family home control system installation should include at least one Lumina Keypad (HAI Part Number 33A00-19) or Lumina Keypad with Built-in Speaker/Microphone (HAI Part Number 33A00-20). A Lumina Keypad (HAI Part Number 33A00-19) is included with every purchase of a Lumina family home control system.

HAI integrates with Philips Pronto remote controls for true two-way communication, allowing homeowners to see the exact lighting or audio level go up or down as it’s adjusted.

Additionally, HAI offers remote controls for HAI Lighting Control and Hi-Fi by HAI